How to Export

It is possible to create a file that contains the complete optimization solution, along with all the planning unit metadata that were defined in the forest description.

Exporting the Raw Solution Data

After a successful optimization the complete solution can be exported as a text file by clicking the menu item Results and then Export Solution as shown below. Browse to a directory into which the solution file can be saved and then click OK to continue. The entire optimization solution will be exported and saved as a comma delimited (CSV) compliant file.

The resulting CSV file can be double clicked and opened using Microsoft Excel. It can then form the basis of temporary pivot tables or any other comprehensive data analysis that is not otherwise catered for within the standard Excel templates the software provides.


The exported solution file will be large because it will contain every single event that generates information across the entire planning horizon of the forest estate model. There may be anyway between 50,000 to 500,000+ lines in this file, and the file could be between 50MB and 500MB in file size.

An example of the solution data. All planning unit metadata are also included on the right-hand-side of the CSV file.