Reinstall Tigermoth Software Interface

The new Long Term Release (LTR) build numbers for the Tigermoth Interface (shown at bottom left of the software interface window) are now:

  • Excel 32-bit = 3532.7163.6341.20082
  • Excel 64-bit = 3564.7163.6341.20208

All users should follow the instructions below to install this version of the software interface if the currently installed build numbers do not match either of those above.

Close All Open Applications

Before proceeding further it is important that all open applications and windows such as Excel and Outlook etc are closed apart from the internet browser showing these instructions. There should be no other applications running on the desktop before continuing.

All Tigermoth windows and instances should also be closed.

Update Microsoft Office

Open a new Excel workbook and then click File at the top-left, then click Account at the bottom-left. On the right-hand side click the drop down button Update Options and then click Update Now. Microsoft Office will proceed to update itself if new updates are available.

Uninstall the Software Interface

Click on the Windows Start Button at the bottom left and start the Tigermoth/Uninstall app. Follow the prompts to proceed and remove the Tigermoth Software Interface. If you do not have a menu option like that below, skip the Uninstall and continue to Request the Software Interface.

DO NOT remove the Tigermoth RunTime Environment using the Windows Control Panel app.

The window below will appear. Click Uninstall to remove the Tigermoth Interface.

Request the Software Interface

It is important to request the correct version of the Software Interface according to the version of Microsoft Excel that is installed, i.e. is Excel 32-bit or 64-bit? A link to instructions on how to find this information is below.

Is Microsoft Excel a 32-bit or 64-bit Installation?

Use the key combination ALT+PRINT SCREEN to create a screenshot of the active window showing if Microsoft Excel is 32-bit or 64-bit and paste it into the email request for the interface. You can click on the link below to generate an email request for the Software Interface.

Request the Installation Files for the Tigermoth Interface

An example of an email request correctly showing the version of Excel is below.

Install the Software Interface

A link to the correct version of the Software Interface will be returned via email.

Download the installation file to the local machine's hard drive, for example to C:\Temp or Downloads. Do not save the file to a network drive - this is important.

Double click this file to begin the software installation.

If Windows shows a warning such as that shown below when you run the installation file click More Info as shown and then click the button Run Anyway which will then be shown.

The default installation directory is C:\Tigermoth\35. It is strongly recommended to install into this default directory and not into the directory C:\Program Files because end users will require Administrator rights to update the software at a later stage.

Click Install to unpack and install the Software Interface. Further licensing of the software is not necessary when the Software Interface is simply uninstalled and reinstalled.

If you are running Office 365, Excel 2016 or Excel 2019 then the reinstallation is now complete. There is no need to follow the final step below. This next step should only be undertaken if you are running Excel 2013.

Excel 2013

If you are running Excel 2013 (or Excel 2010) then you should now reinstall the Microsoft Access Database Engine. Follow the instructions at the link below.

Reinstall the Microsoft Access Database Engine