Upgrading Windows

If the Microsoft Windows operating system is upgraded after the Tigermoth Software Interface has already been installed it is likely that the Sentinel licensing system will need to be reinstalled.

The most likely scenarios for an operating system upgrade are moving from Windows 7 to Windows 10, or when an existing Windows 10 installation undergoes a major annual upgrade.

The problem will most likely manifest as a Sentinel LDK Protection System error that says 'Waiting until Sentinel LDK Run-time Environment is available' as shown below:

Confirm Sentinel Driver Error

To confirm the deactivation of the Sentinel licensing system and its drivers, click on the Windows Start Button at the bottom left and start the Tigermoth/Licensing app.

Once the Tigermoth Licensing app starts, click on the tab at the top-left called Collect Key Status Information. Then click the Collect Information button. The application will want to create a C2V file (Customer-to-Vendor file).

When you try to make and save this C2V file, the error below should be generated. This error confirms that deactivation of the Sentinel licensing system and its drivers has occurred. Continue to follow the instructions below to fix this error.

Administrator Command Prompt

The Sentinel licensing system and its drivers need to be manually installed via a Windows Command Prompt with local Administrator rights. The system will ask for a local Administrator user name and password if your standard user name does not have local Administrator rights.

To open a Command Prompt with local Administrator rights click on the Windows Search icon at the bottom left of the Windows Desktop. Then type CMD in the search bar. This will then show the Command Prompt app. Select the option titled Run as Administrator as shown below.

Reinstall the Sentinel Drivers


If you are running anti-virus products such as Trend Micro, Webroot or Kaspersky then these need to be halted and/or disabled on the local machine before proceeding to reinstall the Sentinel License Manager and drivers. it is highly likely that these anti-virus products will prevent the Sentinel License Manager and drivers from being installed correctly if they are not halted and/or disabled while the reinstall is conducted.

The following three commands need to be issued followed at the Command Prompt, each followed by Enter. The quotation marks in the first command are mandatory.

A screenshot of the process is shown below, and after installation has completed a window will show advising if the reinstall was successful.

The commands that need to be issued are:

CD "C:\Program Files\TigermothRTE"
haspdinst.exe -kp -purge
haspdinst.exe -i -fss -kp -fi

After the operation has successfully completed the following window should be shown. Note that on some systems the window may be compressed and only the OK button may be visible. When this confirmation window appears the Sentinel LDK drivers have been reinstalled and the Tigermoth software should now be able to be started normally.

IMPORTANT: Reboot/Restart the machine now before continuing to use the software