Restart the Sentinel License Manager Software

Open the Windows Services Console

To access the Sentinel License Manager service and determine its current status open the Windows Services Console. To do this click on the Windows Search icon at the bottom left of the Windows Desktop. Then type services in the search bar. This will then show the Services app. Select the option titled Run as Administrator as shown below.

Start the Sentinel License Manager

Review the status of the Sentinel License Manager service that is installed on the machine.

Once the Windows Services Console starts the various services can be sorted by their name. Scroll down to the entry called Sentinel LDK License Manager or Sentinel Local License Manager and review its current condition.

If for some reason you cannot find an entry for the Sentinel service the license manager and associated drivers need to be reinstalled by following the instructions at the link below.

Reinstall the Sentinel License Manager service

The Status of the service should be Running and the Startup Type should show Automatic. If the service does not show a status entry then it is stopped. Right click the Sentinel License Manager entry and from the sub-menu click Start.

If the Startup Type condition of the service is not set to Automatic then please continue to the next step below to prevent the error from reoccurring.

Set the Sentinel License Manager Service to Automatic

If the Sentinel License Manager service did not show Automatic as its Startup Type then the service needs its startup condition changed.

Right click the service and select the sub-menu option Properties. Drop down the Startup Type list box and select the entry Automatic. Click the button Apply and then click the button OK to save this startup condition.

The Sentinel License Manager will now automatically start each time the machine is rebooted.